Presentations from the 21st Annual Workshop

Session 1: Update on important fish diseases and their control

Niels Jørgen Olesen: Overview of the disease situation in Europe

Brit Hjeltnes: Update on the disease situation in Norway

Niccoló Vendramin: Update on the disease situation in aquatic organisms in the Mediterranean

Ellen Ariel: Aquaculture and disease threats in Australia with an update on Epizootic Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus (EHNV)

Session 2: Emerging diseases

Olga Haenen: Cyprinid Herpesvirus 2 (CyHV-2) (part 1 and 2)

Duan Hongan: Cyprinid Herpesvirus 2 (CyHV-2) (part 3)

Niccoló Vendramin: Piscine Orthoreovirus (PRV) in Europe

Jacob Günther Schmidt: Red Mark Syndrome (RMS) in rainbow trout

Session 3: Control and surveillance of relevant pathogens in the EU

Olga Haenen: Carp Edema Virus Disease (CEVD) in Europe – an update

Lenaig Louboutin: Update on the fish health situation in France

Niels Joergen Olesen/Knut Roenningen: A: Aquaculture in the new Animal Health Law, B: Listing of fish diseases in EU legislation and C: Susceptible species – report from an OIE working group

Britt Bang Jensen: Disease data collection in aquaculture; how to collect and interpret data

Session 4: Results from ongoing research on listed and emerging fish diseases

Torfinn Moldal: Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) - recent development and future control

Anna Luiza Farias Alencar: In the search for virulence markers of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Virus (VHSV)

Nadav Davidovich: Recurrent unexplained mortalities in warm water fish species; emergence of new tilapia viruses and epidemiological approach for surveillance

Niels Joergen Olesen: Barcoding of fish cell lines - the origin of cell lines is not always what we believe

Hyoung Jun Kim: Validation of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (VHS) virus conventional RT-PCR

Argelia Cuenca Navarro: New Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (VHS) virus subtype in Europe

Argelia Cuenca Navarro: Sample preservation for PCR

Argelia Cuenca Navarro: Use of FTA cards in fish diagnostics

Session 5: Update from the EURL

Niccoló Vendramin: Results of the Proficiency Test, PT1 and PT2, 2016

Nikolaj Gedsted Andersen and Tine Moesgaard Iburg: EURL Training Courses. Topics and organization for courses 2017

Niels Joergen Olesen: EURL activities in 2016

Niels Joergen Olesen: EURL work plan for 2017 and 2018 – ideas and plans?
30 JUNE 2022