Invitation to Annual Workshop 2023 for National Reference Laboratories

Friday 31 Mar 23

The EURL for Fish and Crustacean Diseases is happy to invite the National Reference Laboratories to the 27th and the 14th EU Annual Workshop for Fish and Crustacean Diseases, respectively. The two workshops will be held back to back from the 30th of May to 1st of June 2023.

The meeting will be held only with “in person participation”.


Download the official invitation

Registration – deadline 5th of May

Participants must sign up through Conference Manager by following this link:

Deadline for registration is 5th of May 2023.

Proposals for contributions

Proposals for contributions for the Annual Workshops sessions are very much encouraged and welcome.


For information on logistics, accommodation, reimbursement etc., please contact Linda Stuhr Christensen, 

For information on the AW for NRL for Fish Diseases, contact Niccoló Vendramin,

For information on the AW for NRL for Crustacean Diseases, contact Morten Schiøtt,
13 JULY 2024