Diagnotic manual for seabass and seabream and fish welware reports on trout and salmon

Friday 15 May 20

Diagnostic manual

A useful diagnostic manual for the main pathogens in European seabass and Gilthead seabream aquaculture edited by Dr. Snježana Zrnčić has now been made public available by Options Méditerranéennes.

Fish welfare reports

Also two detailed and comprehensive reports on fish welfare and welfare indicators for Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout are electronically available for open access. They are published by Nofima, Norway. 

Both fish welfare reports are edited by Chris Noble, Kristine Gismervik, Martin H. Iversen, Jelena Kolarevic, Jonatan Nilsson, Lars H. Stien and James F. Turnbull 

Links to scientific reports

Links to the manual and the reports can also be found on the EURL website under Scientific reports


29 NOVEMBER 2021