New diagnostic manual for koi herpes virus disease

Friday 17 May 24

The EURL for Fish and Crustacean Diseases has published a manual for diagnostic methods and procedures for the surveillance and confirmation of koi herpes virus disease (KHVD). 

KHVD manual

The manual describes the methods and procedures that the National Reference Laboratories for Fish Diseases have to use in their surveillance and diagnostics of KHVD. 

KHVD is listed as Category E disease in current EU Animal Health Law which means that there is a need for surveillance of the disease within EU. With the adoption of the Animal Health Law, EU reference laboratories shall provide diagnostic manuals for listed diseases.

Scientific report

The manual is based on the work of an ad hoc expert group established by the EURL for Fish and Crustacean Diseases.

The report contains the group’s recommendations for laboratory procedures and specific technical scientific questions related to the surveillance and diagnosis of KHVD.
13 JULY 2024