Presentations from the 24th Annual Workshop

Here you can find the presentations from the 24th Annual Workshop for the National Reference Laboratories for Fish Diseases, 4-5 November 2020. Not all presentations are uploaded, due to content of unpublished data.


Niccoló Vendramin and Niels Jørgen Olesen: Welcome and announcements

Session I: Update on important fish diseases and their control

Niccoló Vendramin: Overview of the disease situation in Europe

Ingunn Sommerset: Overview of disease situation in Norway

Snjezana Zrncic: IHN outbreak in rainbow trout farmed in Saltwater in Croatia

Kurt Buchman: Salmon lice in Danish salmonid populations

Peter Mohr: POMV – a novel orthomyxovirus infection in Atlantic salmon farmed in Australia

Session II: Control and Surveillance of fish diseases in EU

Andrea Marsella: DNA vaccination field trial to contain VHS and IHN in rainbow trout farmed in freshwater in Italy

Charlotte Axen: Red skin disease – a novel syndrome affecting migrating wild Atlantic salmon in northern Europe

Tuija Kantala: Update on control and management of IHN outbreak in Finland

Session III: Results from ongoing research on listed and emerging fish diseases

Mona Dverdal Jansen: Modelling scenarios for control and mitigation of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA)

Juliane Sørensen: Epidemiology and pathogenesis of Piscine orthoreovirus Genotype 3

Session IV: Update from the EURL for fish diseases

Niccoló Vendramin and Tine Moesgaard Iburg: EURL Training Courses. Topics and organization of courses 2019

Niccolò Vendramin and Teena Vendel Klinge: Results of the Proficiency Test, PT1 and PT2, 2019

Niels Jørgen Olesen: EURL Work Plan for 2020 and ideas and plans for 2021