Presentations from the 20th Annual Workshop

Session 1: Update on important fish diseases in Europe and their control 

Survey & Diagnosis of listed fish diseases in the European Community 2015

Update of the disease situation in Norway

Update on disease situation in the Mediterranean basin 2015

Survey for PRV in Atlantic salmon in Iceland

Session 2: Emerging Diseases 

Risks associated with sturgeon viruses

Detection of Ranavirus and VHSV Genotype IV in lumpfish in Iceland

Risk assessment of new VHSV from Lumpfish for Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon and Lumpfish

Susceptibility of atlantic salmon to IHNV E-genotype and interference with PRV infection

Session 3: Control and surveillance of relevant pathogen in the EU

Epidemiological investigation and management of a case of VHS detected in Atlantic salmon in a French fish farming in 2015

Commission Decision 2015-1554: The new diagnostic manual for non-exotic aquatic animal diseases

An update from the OIE aquatic animal health standards commission

Update on the proposed new aquatic animal health legislation

Session 4: Scientific research update 

Serology in finfish for diagnosis, surveillance, and research: a systematic review

Serology for KHV surveillance

Development of a novel one-step RT-PCR for detection of VHSV

Salmon gill poxvirus disease

Carp edema virus in Europe; Current status

Usefulness of embryonic salmon cells (CHSE-214 AND SSE-30) for IHNV diagnosis

Characterisation of a novel paramyxovirus virus from carp

PRVom emerging pathogen in Rainbow trout

IHNV QPCR Validation at MSS

Adaptation and Validation of the Purcell method of IHNv detection

Validation of real-time RT-PCR methods for surveillance of IHNV in Europe

Session 5: Update from the EURL

Inter-Laboratory Proficiency Test 2015

Invitation to the 2016 training courses

EURL-Fish work done in 2015

Workplan 2016 and suggestions for workplan 2017
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